Green Energy

 It is a challenging task to supply energy to geographically tough rural areas in India. From the point of view of transmission of energy expenses we have to explore innovative methods to generate energy within rural area itself. Energy security for rural India will support economy development and infrastructure to achieve modern India. For sustainable development of a society, secure energy services with low environment impact are necessary to meet basic human needs. Green/renewable energy offers an opportunity to provide secure energy supply for future generations by utilizing natural resources such as sun, water, wind, biomass and geothermal energy. Research & developing of new alternative green/renewable energy sources would allow us to replace carbon-intensive energy sources and significantly reduce global warming emissions.

In this direction hydroelectric cell invented by Dr. R. K. Kotnala & Dr.Jyoti Shah could accomplish such objectives.  This cell does not emit any harmful gases into the environment. Rather the byproduct of hydroelectric cell, hydrogen gas is a clean source of energy. And hydroelectric cell is a novel method to synthesize zinc oxide nanoparticles which has versatile applications.

It has got a potential to replace the conventional cell, Fuel cell & solar cell. The novelty of this device is to generate electrical energy by water molecule dissociation at room temperature by lithium substituted magnesium ferrite material.

Hydroelectric Cell working principle is based on Nanoscience, oxygen deficient  Li-substituted magnesium ferrite property and electrode chemistry, using only water to produce electricity. Fabricated cell is able to generate current 120 mA and0.95 Volts for 2 inches square pellet.

Compared to fuel cell, solar cell, it involves a simple and easy synthesis process with low cost oxide raw materials. Also no harmful chemicals and electrolytes have been used and no hazardous byproducts are produced during its operation. Moreover it is a green source for producing electrical energy and has got a potential to excel from existing other alternative portable energy sources.

Hydroelectric Cell produces electricity by dissociating water molecules at room temperature without using any external energy, UV light, electrolyte or catalyst. Hydroelectric cell invention is a major revolution to bring a paradigm shift in Green Energy research to open a new field of research globally. It supports carbon sequestration mechanism to reduce environmental pollution also.

A new field of research in Green Energy has been opened up globally to mitigate carbon sequestration by the use of Hydroelectric cell.