Hydroelectric Cell

Hydroelectric Cell – generates energy using water only

The realization of conversion of water into electricity has been credited to an Indian Scientist. Internationally acclaimed Indian scientist Dr. R. K. Kotnala has invented a cell run by water which generates electricity. American and Indian patent of this invention has been already filed. On the path Make in India this is a unique invention which has rocked and shocked the whole world. This has been achieved by Dr. Kotnala in association with his research partner Dr. Jyoti Shah at NPL. This water running cell can be used in laptop, torch, mobile phone etc. and is harmless to the environment because water is being used as fuel. This cell is unique invention in field of green energy. After untiring efforts of 13 year in the laboratory such water driven cell is invented. In this lithium substituted magnesium ferrite is being used which is abundantly available in India. This material ionizes water molecule at room temperature. Those ions are being collected at two different electrodes. Thus due to flow of ions electricity generates. The approximate cost of one square inch cell is Rs. 17 on lab scale. Prior to launching it in market Dr. Kotnala wants to make it fullproof. Hydroelectric cell would be a good alternative to the solar cell and fuel cell.


Square shaped three inch hydroelectric cell fabricated in laboratory