Science for Society

  • He recently worked for circumventing the menace of electrical energy theft for Central Board of Irrigation and power (CBIP) has helped to stop tempering the electrical meter by scrupulous people. This special & unique work has increased the earning of electricity authorities in several crores in Rs. which is a great contribution towards society. Further magnetic shielding and new design were suggested in energy meters to stop their tampering from such high tampering magnetic field. This crucial development task was carried and fresh specifications were promulgated by CBIP in 2004.
  • Protection of Human Health & Environment from Microwave Radiation (9 papers have been published & US patent #1). EMI/EMC Test Facility in EQDC, Gandhinagar for environmental protection of human health from EMI & magnetic radiation emission test from electronic equipments & automobiles.
  • Guided & Worked for creation of new department of Advanced Materials & Nanoscience in different 5 Institutions. Supporting 16 Universities & 6 IITs.        
  • Super Specialty Book Authored first book published in Solar cell “Essentials of Solar Cell” in India, 1986. This book is being used as text book for M.Sc., B. Tech & B. Arch students. Besides this delivered talks on policy & chaired meeting. Developed a low cost process for fabrication of Solar Cell
  • Ethical Issues on Nanotechnology: (Making cautious on environmental pollution implications of engineered nano-materials, of possible ways to handle  materials as nano hazards) For the first time a chapter  published on “Ethical Issues on Nanoscience & Nanotechnology” in a book New Nanotechniques published by  Nova science Publisher, New York in 2009.
  • Industrial Support for Magnetic Materials, Measurements & Electrical Steel:

More than 100 industries are being catered for their quality system based on ISO:17025. Industrial consultancy service rendered to nine big industrial houses & PSUs for solving magnetic materials & measurements associated with complex problems of industries. My lab has been internationally recognized for 10 magnetic measurements parameters in the preview of ISO:17025 by International Bureau of Weights & Measure, (BIPM) France. 

  • Quality-system developed for industries in addition to industrial metrology facilities consultancy service is also rendered to big industrial houses & PSUs for solving magnetic materials & measurements associated with complex problems as a Lead Assessor of NABL for ISO: 17025 certification.

    Strategic Tasks to be Executed for Environment Monitoring & Health Effects

    1. Green Energy Revolution by Hydroelectric Cell Invention.
    2. Gold Certified Reference Material (CRM) known as Indian Reference Material, Bharatiya Nirdeshak Dravya (BND) is a high purity gold primary calibration standard (Ongoing Activity).
    3. Coal Certified Reference Standard Material to be ready for certification (Continuing).
    4. Calibration Facilities and Reference Materials for Testing of Breath Alcohol Analyzers (Initiated 8 months ago) :
    5. Calibration Facilities and dissemination of SI Traceable Aqueous Alcohol Reference Materials for Breath Alcohol Analyzers –Initially Confined to Delhi Region Traffic Police, Crew Members of Aeroplane & Medicine Standard.
    6. Calibration & standardization of Biomedical equipment(Initiated last year)
    7. Promotion of Quality Atmospheric & Biomedical Measurements for Societal & Industrial Benefits (PRYAS) (To be accomplished in 2018)